Start in 10 minutes with a 2KB library

  1. <script src=""></script>
  2. <input name="testinput" live-subscription="testlistener:example" live-trigger="change:example" />
    <script src=""></script>
    window.LiveElement.Live.processors.example = function(input) {
      switch(window.LiveElement.Live.getHandlerType(input)) {
          case 'subscription': 
              return {placeholder: input.payload._timestamp}
          case 'trigger':
              console.log(`You changed the value of ${} to "${['#value']}"`)
    window.LiveElement.Live.listeners.testlistener = {processor: 'default', delay: 1000, max: 10}
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Dead Simple To Use

  • Backend agnostic: push / pull data from any API, websockets, IndexedDB or any other source you can think of
  • Low footprint: updates run from the browser's idle loop where possible to conserve resources
  • Minimal markup required: only two attributes required on your HTML tags, can be used on any HTML tag that accepts attributes and/or value, innerText and innerHTML properties
  • Reuse your processor functions: define a data processor once, and reuse it as a polling listeners, a data transform pipeline, or a event handler
  • Fast: poll for and react to data updates as often or as seldom as you like
  • Flexible: polling schedules can be literally anything, including reacting on the fly to retrieved data
See the full documentation over at to learn everything.

You Don't Need Another Framework

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