Get a functionally complete, installable PWA web app going in under an hour. Stop thinking and start creating.

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  • Ready to integrate with the other live-element libraries. Includes references to learning resources - everything you need to know to build an advanced PWA.
  • Learn everything and download all resources and templates at (5 minute read, 50 minutes total set up time)

Stop Wasting Time On Development Decisions That Don't Add Value

  • Standardised theming via CSS variables: sets up a simple and intuitive naming convention for your CSS colors, ready to cascade throughout your application allowing you to update your theme everywhere with one line of code.
  • Pre-optimised manifest.json file: all the settings you need already preset, just fill in the blanks.
  • Pre-structured index.html file: all the boilerplate done stitching your files together, ready for you to jump in and actually creating something new.
  • Pre-thought file structure: everything has been researched, optimised and sorted, it just works. Now swap in your branding files and start value-adding.
  • Overwritable everything: you're the expert now? Cool. Use this as a rough guide, change and extend as you like. After all, it's just HTML, CSS and Javascript.
See the full documentation over at to learn everything.

You Don't Need Another Framework

Forget complex Javascript frameworks and just learn and use native Javascript properly. Learn more over at