A complete backend environment for your web application

Start affordably and scale seamlessly to any size without architectural changes or performance degradation.

A Preconfigured AWS S3 + Lambda + Cloudfront Stack

$ gh repo clone Cloudouble/scale
$ cd scale
$ chmod +x ./setup.sh
$ ./setup.sh

Follow the complete installation instructions over at https://github.com/Cloudouble/scale

What It Is

LiveElement Scale is a complete backend stack for your PWA web app.

It can serve up static assets, application files and structured data from one AWS S3 bucket, all delivered via CDN over simple HTTPS connections that is as easy as a Javascript fetch request. Together with the other LiveElement modules, it is all you need to create an advanced, scalable, economical, high performance Progressive Web App.

It is also extensible, with the ability to create new authentication types, query functions, permission masks, and data presentation views in any backend language of your choice (although Python is optimal for speed and cost).

What It Can Do

  • be an application server for one or more client apps, serving both static and dynamic assets and data
  • handle complex authentication, you can use any Lambda function you like to handle the process of accepting authentication data and assigning attributes and permissions to a connection
  • handle complex authorisation, write any Lambda function to create an inheritable permissions structure to allow/deny data and file access down to a per-record-field granularity
  • handle complex data queries, write any Lambda function to create complex pre-compiled queries over your data records
  • 850+ record types built-in (everything from schema.org), you can extend this with your own record types anytime
  • create data views which can present your record and query data in any format you like, served as static files over a CDN
  • host multiple separate independent databases and file structures under subdomains of one domain
fetch('https://{your-cloudfront-url}/_/connection/{connection-uuid}/subscription/Book/{record-uuid}.json').then(r => r.json()).then(r => console.log(r))

Dive deep into the full documentation over at https://github.com/Cloudouble/scale.

You Don't Need Another Framework

Forget complex Javascript frameworks and just learn and use native Javascript properly. Learn more over at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript